Week 58 – What’s to Come, about the end times.

Do you ever wonder about the end times?  What does God have planned for believers and non-believers?  Should we even care?
Millions of people avoid thinking about this because they feel it is just too deep and hard to understand.  But I have been studying about the end times the last several Sabbaths and wanted to share some of my discoveries.

Why I Share This With You
I thought about the people who read this blog.  If you are a reader, then most likely you are a Sabbath keeper.  Being a Sabbath keeper in our world means that you fall in a small minority of Christians and/or Jews.  It also means that you live differently than most and probably have faced rejection, persecution, or being misunderstood at some point.  If God has revealed the truth of keeping Sabbath to you and you are willing to obey Him in this area, I find it likely that you would also be open to seeking God’s truths in all areas (including being ready for His return).

End Times With New Eyes
Just as God called me to read the Bible as a whole concerning Sabbath, I was challenged to do the same concerning end times.  I found that I was reading scripture with new eyes.  Things that were foggy before became clear.  Things I was taught all my life did not add up with what God openly shares in His Word.

I have been through several studies on the end times led by well-known and well-respected people who have spent years studying this subject.  They have either given me a clear picture of what they say I should expect (using a few verses here and there to support their point) or they have said that we just aren’t suppose to understand everything that God shared with us in His Word.

After reading ALL scripture concerning end times and putting them in a timeline, I was astonished to find that the message was not hidden.  God spent a lot of time making us aware what His plans are so that we could be ready and be a part of His winning team.

It’s true that I couldn’t envision all that I read because I just haven’t experienced anything like the end times before.  But I was able to see a timeline of what’s to come and have confidence in God and the outcome.

Why This is Important
God gives us commands to follow.  Just as we are to keep Sabbath, He also tells us to share His message with others and to anticipate and be ready for His return.  If we don’t understand the events of the end times, I believe we cannot be used as effectively by God to accomplish His purposes.  It personally helps me to stay on the right track in my Christian walk and keeps me focused on the prize at the end of the race.  It makes all of the sacrifice and suffering completely worth it!

Are You Ready to Dig Deeper?
If you haven’t done an end times study for yourself, I encourage you to start.  I will give a list of verses that you can use (below the blog), but suggest that you are thorough and keep in mind which events you are reading about as you go along so you can make a timeline in your mind.  Most importantly, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal TRUTH to you and give you understanding.

In Response
I would love to hear how an understanding of the end times has made a positive difference in your life!  I do ask that you refrain from sharing about studies from people or websites, as I am trying to encourage seeking truth from God’s Word.  I’m not saying that no one out there teaches God’s truth, but I would rather people discover for themselves rather than take someone’s word for it.

Until next week,
Lisa G.

End Times Verses:
Matthew 24-25
Mark 13
Luke 21
John 5:25-31
1 Cor. 15:20-58
1 Thess. 4:13-5:11
2 Thess. 2:1-12
Revelation-Entire Book (Chapter 20 is a clear summary that you might use to start your study)
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