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Week 5 -The Sabbath Challenge

Do you know the phrase, “Everything that could go wrong . . .”? That describes my Sabbath experience this week. It seemed to start earlier in the week with a sense of being under attack by the evil one. My

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Week 4 -The Sabbath Challenge

I have found that I look forward to the Sabbath. I love that quiet feel in my house and my family spending time together. I love learning something new about God. And I love having a chance to rest my

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Week 3 – Should I Attend A Birthday Celebration On Sabbath?

We encountered a difficult choice this Sabbath. My father-in-law was having a birthday celebration with all of my husband’s family on Friday night. No one could get there until after 6:00 p.m. We felt torn as to how to handle

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Week 1 – 33 Sabbath Games/Activities for Kids

  Ask for forgiveness of sins. Just listen to God. Learn to hear God’s voice in the quiet times. Pray about pressing matters, family & friends, church, country, etc. Bible:
  Memorize scripture as a family (make note cards to look

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Week 2 -The Sabbath Challenge

Our second Sabbath experience was a good one. Earlier in the week, I typed up a list of possible things to do. It helped a lot to have ideas instead of staring at each other wondering what to do next.

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