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Week 10 -The Sabbath Challenge

My Sabbath started off a little different this week. My husband got off work at noon on Friday, so we started our family time early. We decided to go to the mountains. It was a beautiful day and we had

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Week 9 -The Sabbath Challenge

My family was a little under the weather this Sabbath. Even so, we had a nice time studying and playing together. We tried out a new game with our two year old, but she wasn’t quite ready for it! I

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Week 8-The Sabbath Challenge

I love the quality time that my family has together on Sabbath. Sometimes it’s all of us gathered around the table, and other times it’s my husband and I studying together or one of my daughters and I playing. We

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Week 7 -The Sabbath Challenge

I have had so much running through my mind this week. It was good to have quiet time in the house to lay things aside and rest. A big blessing was getting some much needed rain. My family sat out

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My Story

My family and I started keeping the Sabbath six weeks ago. I am so grateful we made that decision. I haven’t given you much background yet on my families church experience and why we just started keeping the Sabbath. So

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Week 6 -The Sabbath Challenge

After things fell apart last Sabbath, I decided to work calmly this week to create a restful atmosphere for my family. I felt like it started with me and my attitude. I did a better job of thinking ahead to

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