Hello to everyone!  I'd like to thank all of you who celebrated with me last week on my one year anniversary of keeping Sabbath!  Your comments, likes, and shares were wonderful!

Some of you asked if I would be continuing this blog after the one year mark.  I honestly had been thinking of stopping it soon, but realized that I need to pray and ask God whether I should continue.  If He keeps supplying the words and time, then I will keep writing.

I have struggled a bit the past two and a half months to get the blog done because of a physical illness.  The illness was brought on by something wonderful, though, . . . I am unexpectedly pregnant with my third child!  We are very excited, but it has been a rough beginning.

So no deep thoughts this time.  In fact, Sabbath rest was just what my family needed this weekend!  We rested and rested all day long (and stayed in our pj's!).  I am so grateful to God for creating the day of rest!

We have hope that doctors can figure out this illness and get it under control before it affects the baby.  My husband and I are 100% certain that God is in control and will bring the solution that will give Him glory.  I just pray for the strength to handle whatever comes our way!

Until next week,
Lisa G.