Monthly Archives: February 2012

Week 27 – Distractions

When I started keeping Sabbath a little over six months ago, I was easily distracted from focusing on God and resting. I had little discipline in these areas. I had hoped by now that I would have conquered this. Sadly,

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Week 26 – Blessings

My church had an event going on this weekend for our youth group called Disciple Now. Over the past several years, it has been my husband’s job to film many aspects of the weekend and put together some videos to

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Week 25 – Love Is In the Air

My Sabbath was spent a little different this week. Late Friday morning, my husband found out about a need from one of our good friends. This friend had been engaged for awhile, planning on getting married in March. He surprised

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Week 24 – Awesome Testimony

We often say that our spouses know us better than anyone else. They know those annoying habits we have, yet love us anyway. We also tell best friends intimate details about ourselves, sharing advice back and forth. But there are

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