Monthly Archives: April 2012

Week 36 – Purpose

When I started writing this blog 36 weeks ago, it was for the purpose of recording my Sabbath experience. I hoped that, by keeping a weekly journal, I could remember more of what I was learning along the way. My

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Week 35 – Reconnecting

Due to my husband’s expanding business and a shortage of available babysitters, my husband and I had not been out on a date or away from the kids in quite some time. After awhile it built up and began to

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Week 34 – The Ten Commandments

This is getting out a little late this week due to a nasty stomach virus. I pray that none of you or your families have been visited by the virus! This Sabbath I was thinking about the Ten Commandments. I

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Week 33 – Passover

My husband and I were invited to a Passover meal at the beginning of this Sabbath. I went to a Passover meal at my church when I was about ten years old, but my husband had never attended one. We

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Week 32 – Sabbath Prayer

I was thinking about an interesting concept this Sabbath and came across something I wanted to share. It is a prayer from the musical Fiddler on the Roof. While I have not yet seen all of the musical, I found

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