Due to my husband's expanding business and a shortage of available
babysitters, my husband and I had not been out on a date or away from
the kids in quite some time. After awhile it built up and began to
take a toll on our relationship. I felt very disconnected from him.

So I was thrilled when he planned an overnight trip for us on Thursday
evening (without the kids!). We had dinner with some friends and some
much needed time away from our busy lives. It was like a breath of
fresh air and reminded us of our dates before we had kids when we
could just focus on each other. We found ourselves laughing, talking
and getting right back to the close bond we share.

As I was preparing for Sabbath on Friday, I was reminded how it is an
opportunity for me to "get away" and reconnect with God. Just like
with my husband, I can let the busyness of day to day life creep in
and distance me from God. I sometimes feel like I don't know what God
is thinking or if He cares. I know in my head that He loves me, but I
haven't taken the time to experience and feel that love in my heart.

The distractions of day-to-day life are not bad things: work, kids,
housework, grocery shopping, friends, etc. What is bad is when I
allow those things to become all-consuming and I lose sight of the
most important relationship in my life-with God.

I think God knew humans would struggle with constant work. In His
love, He created the Sabbath. He wants us to find balance, joy, and a
close walk with Him. Setting aside a day where we leave our work
behind creates that breath of fresh air.

As I spend time with God on the Sabbath, it reminds me how much He
cares. I realize that it was me who created the distance between us
during the week, and in reality He is always right beside me. I put
my focus back on God and my relationship with Him deepens and grows.

So I am grateful for the "get aways" each Sabbath and the chance to
reconnect with my Creator! I would love to hear some of the ways that
you use Sabbath to reconnect with God!

Until next week,
Lisa G.

On a side note:
I need to mention something that happened on the Sabbath Challenge
site recently. Two people posted pornography on the site within two
weeks. Thankfully, I spotted it fairly quickly and was able to
delete, ban, and block them. I was disgusted by the posts and hope
that Satan did not gain the upperhand on anyone with them. His
attacks can be fierce on those trying to follow God.

I have taken extra measures to try to keep it from happening again.
You may have noticed that no one can post directly to the wall
anymore. You can still write comments anytime or message me. I
appreciate hearing from you!