I love the quality time that my family has together on Sabbath.
Sometimes it's all of us gathered around the table, and other times
it's my husband and I studying together or one of my daughters and I
playing. We do those things on other days, too, but on Sabbath we do
it with no time pressures or distractions. That is the main
difference for me.

The same is true for me when spending time with God. When I read the
Bible during the week, there is always an underlying pressure of what
I need to be doing next or the question of will I have enough time to
get something else done. My mind is rarely 100% on what I am reading
or praying.

It's like when someone asks me to take time to pray quietly at church
and they give me all of 30 seconds. I think, am I really suppose to
be able to limit my time with God so we can keep on schedule? Yet I
do the same thing so often.

But on Sabbath, there is a sense for me of extended time. No rush, no
hurry. I can read and re-read a verse until it sinks in. I can look
up words that don't make sense or look up reference verses. I can
pray out my heart and listen in quiet (as long as my kids are

I can also watch the doves gathered around the apple tree with my
oldest daughter and notice how soft and sweet they look. It's moments
like this that make me wish that every day was Sabbath! I know it
would never work that way on earth, but I can look forward to someday
in Heaven!

I am just beginning to realize why God would even create a day of rest
for us. He knew how much work had to get done and how it would
consume us and distract our minds and bodies. He also knew that we
would be tempted to keep going, with no break, and what that would do
to our relationship with Him. I have also seen how it can have a
negative affect on a person's health.

Let me just be downright honest, though. The past two weeks, right
before Sabbath began, I wanted to tell my husband, "Let's just not
celebrate the Sabbath this week. Why don't we rent a movie and I'll
get the grocery shopping done and we can take the girls somewhere
fun." We could have done those things. There is certainly nothing
wrong with them. But we would have missed the blessing of what is

I don't know about you, but I often run the other way from God's best
plan for me. Most likely because it's unfamiliar and out of my
control. The times I have chosen His way, I found peace, wisdom, and

To everyone who has been praying for me and my family, I am humbled
and honored! It is the ultimate blessing to know others are praying
for me! My husband and I are seeking wisdom and direction about our
current circumstance. It is very challenging and sometimes
discouraging to balance getting our work completed, Sabbath
preparations done, and going to church on Sunday.

We are committed to pray daily about what step we need to take next.
We have always had a clear direction from God in the past but, other
than keeping the Sabbath, He has not led us to make any more changes.
So we will continue to do just what we are doing right now.

Hoping you have a blessed week!
Until next week,
Lisa G.