My family was a little under the weather this Sabbath. Even so, we
had a nice time studying and playing together. We tried out a new
game with our two year old, but she wasn't quite ready for it!

I was doing some planning with my mother-in-law on Friday and realized
that there are a lot of upcoming holidays and celebrations that will
be affected by Sabbath. I know we are going to have to make some
tough choices and I don't know how friends and family will handle it.
I don't necessarily know how we will handle each one, either, except
by prayer.

I finished re-reading a book this weekend called God's Smuggler by
Brother Andrew. It is one of the best books I've ever read. I was
reminded about self-sacrafice. This concept is almost non-existent in
our world today. It means putting God's commission and will above our
own and being willing to put everything into God's hands for His use.

When I view my life and activities through God's eyes, it seems a bit
easier to sacrifice what I want for what He wants. I try to remember
that pleasures on earth are very temporary, but pleasures in heaven
are eternal. I also try to remind myself of a phrase I've heard -
"Life is not a dress rehearsal."

So when you hear me struggling in the near future about things not
being perfect for my daughters' birthday because not everyone can come
. . . please (gently) remind me of this concept of self-sacrafice! I
know that it is easy to justify what I WANT to do, but I really want
to try and stick with what God wants me to do (at least today!).

My husband and I were reading about how different groups view the law,
Sabbath, Old Testament, etc. and found it very interesting. Some hold
very strictly to every law, some add to what God said, and many take a
lot away from what God said. That last group is great at justifying
everything that they want to do in life.

There was something I read, though, that was a little convicting that
I wanted to share. I mentioned in my bio on posterous that I wasn't
trying to become Jewish, but rather was just trying to follow God.
Then I read this, "A Christian doesn’t convert to being a Jew; they
are already a disciple of a Jew. A Christian is choosing to live a
Jewish life, they have already chosen Messiah."

I hadn't thought of my christian walk in this way before. But it does
make sense. There have been arguments since the days of the first
church about being a Jew following Christ and a Gentile following
Christ. I am beginning to see that, if we are Christians, we are all
following Christ. We must all do what He asks of us. I guess I
better change the wording on my bio!

Hope you have a great week!
Until next week,
Lisa G.