Ask for forgiveness of sins.

    Just listen to God.
    Learn to hear God’s voice in the quiet times.

    Pray about pressing matters, family & friends, church, country, etc.

    Memorize scripture as a family (make note cards to look at during the week).

    Meditate on scripture about the Sabbath (or whatever God lays on your heart).

    Study God’s Word with others.

    Share your favorite Bible verses and what they mean to you.

    Listen to or watch sermons.

    Read out of Character Building Books.

    Go to church.

    Study God’s creation.

    Take a nap!

    Listen to worshipful music.

    Share stories of faith from family members.

    Worship God through experiencing His creation/nature (picnic, walk, etc.).

    Have a special meal/dessert (use candles, china, special tablecloth, music, etc.).

Helping Others:
    Nursing Home Ministry.

    Pray with people in the hospital.

    Help at a Food Bank/Kitchen.

    Witness to others.

    Unselfish acts to help someone who is hurting.

For Children:

    Read their children’s Bible.

    Read Bible-related books.

    Listen to worshipful children’s cd’s.

    Listen to children’s Bible radio programs.

    Play Bible games: trivia, matching game, board game, etc.

    God-related arts & crafts projects: draw/color pictures, print out activity sheets, build or sculpt,      etc.

    Have a Scripture Scavenger Hunt
 or any type of hunt that helps them discover things about God     (requires preparation before Sabbath starts).

    Praise Pail-write things you are thankful for during the week and drop it in the pail, then take
     turns reading them on Sabbath.

    Bring out “Sabbath” toys that are
 stored away during the week.

Friday Preparations For Children:

    Have them help you prepare the meals on Friday for Sabbath (make food that is from an area   
     you are learning about that week).

    They can help put out Sabbath decorations/dishes on Friday.