Last month, a woman named Alisha shared her story with me about how
she came to keep Sabbath. I enjoyed reading it so much, I asked her
if I could share it with everyone. So here is Alisha's story . . .

" My husband (Leif) and I are both Sabbath keepers and love it!
Unfortunately, we've been stranded in a place without anybody to
fellowship with for the past year and a half but I'm thankful we at
least have each other to fellowship with.

Reading about your sabbath journey was such a refreshment! I am a
relatively new sabbath-keeper myself. I grew up in a pentecostal
church and never even knew that people went to church on any day but
Sunday until I met my husband about 4 1/2 years ago.

He has been keeping sabbath his whole life and was the first person to
ever tell me about it or challenge what I had been brought up
believing. Honestly I can't say that I remember anyone ever even using
the word in our church. I thought that Sunday was the seventh day. I
was told by my father that people who go to church on Saturday were
part of a cult. Then I told him that's what my husband (boyfriend at
that time) and his family do.

I can't help but chuckle a little now because that inspired me on a
mission to 'save' him. I began to dig into scripture; determined to
prove that he was wrong and should not be going to church on Saturday.
I won't try to fit the whole story in right here lol but God used that
to convict me of the truth about the Sabbath and that I was taught
wrong. It has been an amazing, wonderful journey and I still learn new
things all the time and am constantly being challenged to step up and
do right by God as a testament of my love and trust in him."

Thank you so much, Alisha, for sharing your story! God is so good to
reveal truth to us when we are willing to listen.

I would love to hear other stories of how people came to keep Sabbath.
You can comment and share or message me with your story!

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Until next week,
Lisa G.