My oldest daughter is now three and is going through a bit of an
Eeyore phase. No matter how pleasant things are around her, she can
find something that is just "terrible". The other day I told her she
needed to put her happy face on and she said, "I don't want to be
happy!" That pretty much sums it up.

I have been frustrated over this, yet hopeful that it will pass in
time. A few days ago, during one of those trying times, I was
thinking about her actions. Suddenly, I was hit by a disturbing
thought: I often act the same way with God.

God has blessed me with SO MUCH to be thankful for. I really have no
room to complain. Yet that is what I find myself doing. I have been
known to bring God a list of complaints or things I want Him to "fix"
for me to make my life more comfortable and convenient. If God
doesn't jump right on those things and take them away, I wonder how I
can endure them.

I can treat God like a big, mean parent who isn't giving me my way.
When something good happens, I thank God for being so wonderful and
then turn around and get mad at Him when something bad happens.

After much thought and prayer this Sabbath, I realize that it all
comes down to my choice. A choice to believe a lie that I am more
important than anything else or anyone else. Or a choice to believe
the truth that God is good and loving and powerful enough to help me
through whatever I need to go through. He never changes, but remains
the same. It is me who changes my attitude and belief system at the
drop of a hat (or change of a circumstance).

I am much too sinful and inconsistent to be capable of altering my
behavior all on my own. I have discovered that I need to turn in my
lie and claim God's truth. Then I can allow the Holy Spirit to
transform my life to what it ought to be.

And maybe then I can be the example to my daughter that she needs to
begin to change her ways.

This week, instead of quoting Eeyore, "Thanks for noticin'" I will
tell God, "Thank you, no matter what!"

Until next week,
Lisa G.