The concept of time has a habit of controlling my life. I need to get
up by 6:30. My kids need to take a nap at 2. My family eats dinner
at 5:30. I need to get to bed by 10:30. It goes on and on.

I can get uptight concerning time. I might stress when something
doesn't happen when it's suppose to or when someone comes too early
before I'm ready. It is then I really wish I wasn't a slave to time.

During the past Sabbath, I became aware of the freedom from time. It
was great! It's not always possible with little children, but this
Sabbath I was able to slowly wake up and just lie in bed for awhile.
My first thought was that it was Sabbath and I didn't have to rush to
do anything. I stretched and relaxed. I listened to the sounds
outside my window and could smell the eggs that my husband had cooked
for our daughter. I especially enjoyed talking to God and thanking
Him for the day.

My family just hung out Sabbath morning. No pressure to get dressed.
We watched some old episodes of Davey and Goliath, which my mom had
let us borrow. It felt a bit like my childhood of watching Saturday
morning cartoons. Even though the clay-like animation is no
comparison to modern day cartoons, the God-centered concepts were
great and my daughter really enjoyed them!

I looked at the clock at 12:30 p.m. and realized we hadn't had lunch.
I thought, "Wow, it's getting late. I better hurry up." The day was
unusually warm for this time of year, so we all went outside to play
after lunch. Off and on while we played, I checked the clock to make
sure we didn't play past the girls' nap time. But we were having such
a nice time that I forgot about the clock again. After awhile, I
noticed my youngest daughter nodding off in her swing. I reprimanded
myself for not taking her inside sooner.

When everyone was laying down for naps, I got to thinking how silly I
was. Why did the girls have to be in bed at a certain time? We
didn't have anywhere to go. Why not just enjoy being together? My
youngest loved being outside and I think it was very pleasant for her
to fall asleep in the swing!

So it is hard letting go of this attachment to time. I am bound to it
by habit and sometimes by choice. When time is my master, I truly
miss the blessing of Sabbath rest. I'm sure that God wants us to put
aside everything that takes away the joy He freely gives us on

I'm grateful for recognizing that it is possible to set time aside
during Sabbath. Maybe next week I will hide all the clocks! Please
feel free to share any helpful hints you have on not being a slave to
time on Sabbath.

Until next week,
Lisa G.